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Perks & Benefits

Competitive Salary

Team Outings

Company Parties

Annual Trips

Health & Accidental Cover

Paid Vacation

Targeted Bonuses

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Ciora has been looking for distinguished talent to be a part of the team. If you choose to add a milestone to your Salesforce career with us, you will be a part of the team of more than 50 dedicated professionals. As an esteemed member of Ciora, you will be helping your clients transform productively, enhancing their performance and position in the market.

Competitive Salary

We understand the fact that the majority of the motivation and willingness to work comes from the salary you earn. We provide our employees with competitive salaries with the market rates.

Work Satisfaction

We assure you of obtaining utmost work satisfaction with every project you work on. When you enjoy going to work, interacting with your colleagues, and making an effort to learn, you result in job satisfaction

Dependable Team

After coming on board, you will find yourself around people who are highly dedicated, passionate, and fun to work with. We hire our team, making sure it is composed of dependable members, improving your work experience.

Rewards and Incentives

We believe in the fact that motivated employees improve the overall productivity of the team. By providing suitable rewards and incentives for the milestones you achieve, we ensure that your hard work does not go in vain.

Heath and Accidental Cover

Once you are a part of our team, you will obtain several medical benefits, including health cover in case you are dealing with medical issues and accidental covers in case of an emergency.

Company Parties and Annual Trips

While we make sure you are engaged with sufficient work, we also organize company parties to help our team relax and fun annual trips to help them unwind periodically.

Targeted Bonuses

We believe in keeping all the work done by our team target-oriented. On satisfactory completion of a specified target, you will be entitled to a bonus for the same.

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