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In/Outbound Integration

The Inbound & Outbound Integration tools and techniques used by Ciora help clients to seamlessly connect and integrate multi platform data with Salesforce CRM.

API Integration

Whether we are combining data from large data sources or developing a new solution for intricate data integration, Ciora understands your APIs and guides you at every step in crafting a customized API integration services framework.

3rd Party Data Integration

Ciora advises clients when to go for a 3rd party data integration and how to do it effortlessly. Ciora uses the advanced tools & technology that aggregates and we help companies overcome integration risks, such as downtime or the duplication of data, and provide employees flexible solutions for collaboration in the company.


Ciora developers have the understanding of application platforms and integration that improve customer experience and collaboration between tech, service, and sales teams.

Ciora Integration Approach


Define Goals

Prioritize Goals

Finalize Scope

Schedule Feature Releases

Form a Team

Design & Map

Record Requirements

Define Process

Apply Best Practices

Identify Data Migrate Process

Develop & deploy

Use Accelerators

Customize Objects

Develop Programs

Perform Data Loads

Ensure Quality

Train Users


Manage & Enhance

Support Solution

Manage Data Quality

Enhance functionality

Schedule Feature Releases

Manage SF Releases

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